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We're prepared with the tools and experience for tackling commercial scale jobs.


We offer green cleaning services that align with the best in environmentally conscious business practices.


With over 20 years as commercial cleaners, we have proven ourselves in the industry.

Innovative Cleaning Solutions in South Jersey and Philadelphia

Our job is to make yours easier. Maintaining a clean commercial space can be difficult. Shopfronts, high volume offices, fabrication spaces, and other work spaces all require a different approach. Discerning customers expect white-glove cleanliness. Employees deserve a safe and sanitary workspace. We can help your workspace meet those expectations, and help improve the image and reputation of your business. 

NJ Commercial Clean LLC is here to offer cost-effective, environmentally sustainable services tailored to your specific commercial needs.

Client satisfaction is our number one priority!

Our team prides themselves on providing the highest standards of customer service. We provide consultations to every prospective client to ensure that their specific needs are met with our services. 

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First Impressions Matter

Customers and clients see your store and workspace as an extension of your brand. A dirty office, stained curtains, greasy fixtures; those are not the look of a successful, desirable business space. 

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