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Professional Cleaning Service in South Jersey

Being a business owner is a full-time job. Whether your a restaurant owner in Cherry Hill or a construction company in Philadelphia, PA running a business comes with many important responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is to keep your office, storefront or other workspace safe and clean.

After a long day of work, properly cleaning your workspace is the last thing on many people’s minds. Fortunately, businesses like NJ Commercial Clean LLC can help.

NJ Commercial Clean is the best commercial cleaning company in South Jersey and Philadelphia, PA because we offer the best and most cost-effective cleaning services in the area.

Our job is to make yours easier - and that’s exactly what we do.

We offer a wide variety of cleaning services. If you need help cleaning up a work site after a big job, our industrial cleaning services are the best of the best. If you’re having trouble keeping your high-volume office clean, our janitorial services will remove your burden.

Our company’s number one priority is customer satisfaction. If our customers aren’t content with our work, our job isn’t completed. We pride ourselves on providing the highest standards of customer service and offer consultations to every prospective client to ensure that their specific needs are being met with our service.

Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Company in Philadelphia, PA

Keeping your business clean is a difficult task for a busy owner but a rather simple one for the best cleaning professionals in Philadelphia, PA. Our team goes above and beyond for our customers and their businesses. We don’t cut corners, we dust them. We don’t just straighten up, we sanitize.

The difference our professional janitorial services make will have an immediate impact on your business. Keeping you and your employees’ workspace wellkept can increase productivity and company morale. If you aren’t proud of your business’s appearance, your employees won’t be either.

Besides our expert cleaning services and unprecedented customer service, we’re also extremely proud of how we do our job. We offer the best green cleaning services in South Jersey. Our professional cleaning practices follow the best environmentally conscious guidelines available - making us not just clean for your business but clean for the environment.

More Than Your Average Professional Cleaning Company in NJ

Finding the right cleaning company for your business is difficult. Some professional cleaners only offer industrial cleaning. Some only offer floor cleaning. NJ Commercial Clean offers a variety of cleaning services so you don’t have to go crazy searching for one.

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We offer green cleaning services that align with the best in environmentally conscious business practices, and with over 20 years as commercial cleaners, we have proven ourselves in the industry.

Our Services

What We Offer

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Floor Cleaning:

Regular floor cleanings can make an immediate difference in your business. Not only do floors collect dirt and dust easily but it’s also easy to tell when they have. NJ Commercial Clean will make your floors spotless, whether it's hardwood, tile or laminated.

Carpet Cleaning:

Nothing says ‘welcome to my business’ like a clean carpet to greet your customers. Accidents happen all the time and the longer you wait the harder they are to remove. With regular carpet cleanings, your business will never have to worry about an accident that turned into an ugly stain again.

Window Cleaning:

Have you ever looked through a window so clean it nearly looks like there’s nothing there? With our professional window cleaning services, that’s exactly what you'll do everyday. We take great care in handling and washing your company’s windows and it shows in our work.

Office Cleaning and Janitorial Services:

Our professional office cleaning services in South Jersey and Philadelphia, PA offer more than just your basic dustings and trash removal. Our job isn’t done for the day until we’ve tended to every inch of your business - even the hard to reach places. Good professional janitorial services are hard to come by for small offices. Our services are both affordable and satisfactory.

Restaurant & Kitchen Cleaning:

New business know a true mess like those in the restaurant business. When your handling foods, drinks and everything else that comes with running a successful restaurant, you’re going to see your fair share of spills. Without the appropriate attention, small messes can become eyesores. At NJ Commercial Clean, we won’t let that happen. Hire our professional kitchen cleaning services and you will immediately be impressed with how clean your restaurant can be.
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